Three Strands

It’s been almost a year since my last post.

It’s been over a year since I’ve moved to Seattle’s Eastside.

Life has been busy, intense with a few ups and downs as I and my family  acclimate to living in the Pacific Northwest.

It’s summer again – mid/summer and it’s hot.

55 days since there has been a rainy day.

Amazing.  But then summers here are almost perfection: sunny, green, water, water everywhere.

The natives don’t want to leave – it’s too beautiful.

And it is.

Here’s the thing: summertime in the PNW is like ultimate time.

The perfect warm climate storm.

8/9 months of mainly overcast/rainy and 3 months of sunny, mild bliss.

In an environment filled with mountains, lake/oceans and cool urbanness.

It’s what you get when you live here.

But shhh…don’t tell anyone.

Natives here, like to keep their sunshine a secret.

No need to alert everyone…

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A New Beginning

My very first post on this very new blog that will contain stories and experiences living here on Seattle’s Eastside.

I hail originally from New York City – the Bronx and find myself almost twenty years later living across the country in the most northernest state.

It’s a new beginning though we are 9 months in.

An adjustment for myself and my three boys.

And a final conclusion for my husband who has been eager for us to come out and join him.

This NYC girl has landed in the Pacific Northwest

and so far she is loving it, rainy days and all.

She is looking forward to sharing.

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